How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice

When planning or expecting a baby, some parents are very eager to know whether a new member of the family will be a boy or girl for sure. Is it possible to influence the sex of the baby? Is it possible to get the long-awaited birth of your son or a daughter? In order to understand thoroughly these difficult questions, be sure to download the guide by Ashley Spencer.

This manual will take you to a unique method of planning the sex of the baby, which is very effective. In order to light a little man, boy or girl, you must meet two cells: male – and female sperm – egg. With their merger formed fertilized egg the size of a few hundredths of a millimeter. According to statistics, boys are born more often than girls (105 vs. 100). It is known that the conceptions boys more but these pregnancies, unfortunately, are often interrupted at various stages.

In addition, representatives of the strong half of humanity are more likely to die during childbirth and in the first year of life. As early as the prenatal period, they are more vulnerable, less adaptable to external conditions. Perhaps it is for this reason that conceiving a boy is more – it is the law of nature. There are families in which for generations were born only boys or only girls. An example of such a “tradition” can serve a family of my good friend.

His mother is dreaming about a little girl because she has two sons and three grandsons. Why did it happen? Apparently, in some families, there is some genetic predisposition to the birth of children of the same sex. Or maybe the whole thing is in sperm characteristics, which affects the number of sperm of group X or Y. But do not despair! In Ashley’s guide, you will find a lot of useful information that will help you to plan the gender of your baby.

How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice by Ashley Spencer

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