Pregnancy Without Pounds

A pregnant woman gains on average gaining 10-12 kg during the whole period of pregnancy. This weight gain is considered to be normal, and after birth, the young mother often easily get back to their “prenatal” forms. But what about those whose weight exceeded the extreme mark of 12 kg, and continue growing rapidly? Firstly, do not panic, because due to the increased anxiety you want to eat more. Second, pay attention to your diet and find time for useful exercises.

And thirdly, if the weight is going up very fast, hurry up to see a doctor: bust in kilograms affects the health of the woman and her baby as well. The most unpleasant consequences: morning sickness, problems with the cardiovascular system, shortness of breath, swells. That is why future moms need to monitor their weight from the earliest periods.

How not to gain a lot of weight during pregnancy

A pregnant woman always has lots of attention. Beloved husband will always feed you something tasty, caring parents will bring bags full of all eatables, colleagues at work will treat you a high-calorie muffin. Calming yourself that you need to eat for two people and making up for lost years spent on strict diets, a woman can easily pick up a dozen kilos above. How to resist the temptation and not to gain weight during pregnancy? Just follow a few simple recommendations, and health problems can be avoided.

Proper nutrition during pregnancy, not to gain weight

The need for energy increases during pregnancy. And if the average adult needs about 2,000 calories, the woman expecting a baby, need to get from food up to 3,000: 2,000 calories – in the first trimester, plus 500 in each subsequent one. Products, which future mother is consuming, affect not only on her state of health but also, above all, the development of the fetus. By the way, the guide by Michelle Moss presents a unique technique for pregnant women, which will help not to gain extra weight. Be sure to download this manual, if you care about your health!

Your diet has to be balanced! Only a tiny part of it can consist of your favorite cakes, while crackers, chips, alcohol, sausages and other “harmful products” should be entirely removed for your own safety and the safety of your future child.

Limit the consumption of salt, as it retains fluid in the body and provokes swelling. The main menu must necessarily include meat, fish, dairy products, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and berries.

How to eat properly during pregnancy?

Nutrition during pregnancy must be fractional if you don’t want to gain extra weight. It is better to eat small portions, but often: 4-5 times a day. If an extra kilogram yet appeared on the horizon, eliminate high-calorie snacks after 7 PM. Dried fruits, cheese, a handful of berries will help you cope with a sudden attack of hunger.

It is very important not to eat on the go and not to eat too fast. Food should be enjoyable, so thoroughly chew each bite and do not rush to get another one.

How not to gain extra weight during pregnancy? The main rule: eat only when you really feel hungry, not from desire just to do something.

During pregnancy, you cannot be on a normal diet, while fasting days are allowed if your gynecologist approved them. You can also stick to special diets for pregnant women; they can help protect yourself from extra kilos, and still get all the necessary nutrients.

Pregnancy Without Pounds by Michelle Moss

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