Talk Now System

The Talk Now is a program designed by parents for parents to help toddlers who struggling to meet critical speech milestones for their age group.

Where does the Talk Now program come from?

This ebook is the creation of Rebecca’s parents. When Rebecca was a toddler, she had experienced fluid buildup in her ear that left her with a hearing deficit until it was treated. Because of that hearing deficit, she missed many speech milestones during her toddlerhood—which is how her parents caught this problem in the first place.

After studying with speech pathologists and self-educating through books and blogs—as well as their own personal experience—Rebecca’s parents crafted this program to help toddlers who, like Rebecca, are behind on the speech milestones.

Does it really work?

Using Rebecca as their case study, her parents cite that she started out at a word deficit for her age (18 months), but by age 2, she was up to 48 words known and spoken meaningfully, eventually getting ahead of other kids her age.

The program uses neurolinguistic programming among other techniques to jumpstart your child on learning new words, while at the same time, teaching parents how to more effectively help their children with word learning and the method in general. As the program’s creators note, parents are the absolute best teachers for their child’s natal language (the language you learn from birth), so it’s crucial that they be an active part of the process— and they cite that as a big reason why their program works.

The pros and cons

The program creators are right in that children learn language best from their parents, and success with the program definitely helps the child’s self-esteem—those are huge pros. One of the downsides, though, is that the creators aren’t formally educated in this field. (This may not be a con for everyone, however.)


Thanks to parent-based language teaching, Terry Lewandowski’s guide boasts it can improve your child’s speech and self-esteem in as little as six weeks, with even greater improvements down the road. Additionally, with the program, you get a Success Tracker, which allows you to track your child’s progress.

The Talk Now System by Terry Lewandowski

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