That’s Not How Men Work

To be a lonely man means to be free, independent, attractive for a woman. The freedom and independence of lonely women often go hand in hand with the feeling of being lost, the desire to find love, her significant other. The loneliness becomes an invisible enemy, which you want to win over so much. Why does it happen so? From one side, the woman is looking for a serious relationship, and from others, she gets tired from a permanent searching and remains one.

What traps does she get in, that she can`t go out from the status of a lone person easily and freely? I suggest understanding these difficult questions. By the way, there is a very good book “That’s Not How Men Work“, which you can download at the bottom of the page. Marni Kinrys’ guide will definitely help you to get acquainted with the man of your dreams.

The first trap – high expectations: “I need a prince on a white horse only”

I want to see next to me a smart and attentive, and caring, and romantic, and at the same time the economic man. These are just a few points. Them may be more than 100 for The Men of Dream. It is very desirable that a fairy-tale became reality and lovers live long and happily etc.

It would seem, where is the catch? Does anyone want to live with an indifferent, stupid, avaricious man, and even lazy to boot? Of course not. We just mix of illusion and reality, falling into the trap of excessive expectations. Mostly it shows up in that a woman waits mutually exclusive or unsuitable to each other of internees from the same man. The simple example: a man can rarely be both an exemplary family man, a responsible, economic and romantic hero.

In any case, something in man would be more. He can sing serenades under the window, prepare a bath with rose petals, but don`t have a job and don’t know how to change the outlet. Or you will feel as safely as behind a stone wall without thinking about life and the economy, but your man will express love in his acts: make the money, help around the house.

And all sorts of romantic surprises and armfuls of flowers will be a waste of money and stupidity for him. Therefore, if you don`t want to look for the prince during all life, you need to understand what is most important, and what are you willing to close one’s eyes. What requirements from the full list are necessary? It is desirable that these items were not more than five.

The second trap – high self-esteem: “I deserve only the best man. The man should fit me”

The second position is close to the first. But in this case, the woman so much extols self-esteem, that men are simply afraid to approach such a “beautiful and clever”. Now everyone repeats that you need to believe in yourself, love yourself for who you are and then admirers will appear.

In this case, self-love is brought to a certain absurdity: the woman maximally realizes herself in a profession, visits, training, and courses, puts an effort for the maintenance of physical attractiveness at the same time. She really becomes a Covergirl – nothing to complain about. But the man does not want to be with her.

The men should either always be on top, proving its compliance with the impeccable appearance companion or just admit that he’s not so perfect: not so ambitious, earn less, and not monitors his figure so carefully. On the whole, do not despair.

That’s Not How Men Work by Marni Kinrys

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