First Strike

How to protect yourself in a fight? What self-defense technique is most effective? Does it make sense to strike first in the attack? These and other questions will get answered if you read the guide by SWAT team leader Todd Lamb. This self-defense program includes also a lot of video files for quality education. Here are a few tips that will help you survive in a street fight.

Imagine, you are walking with your friends (or a cute girl), having a good time, and suddenly some wit pushes you. In this case, you will not be provoked, but that’s not important. There is a breed of people who are usually take in on their chest, starting to look for a fight. Most of these individuals appear in the streets with their no less gifted friends. How can you prepare to protect yourself and your beloved?

When someone threatens you, the main thing is to be prepared. Look around and look for something you can use as a weapon. Also important will be finding ways to retreat, especially when there are more attackers. Try to smooth the situation. Try to talk to the man and calm him down. If you, unaware of it, insulted him (for example, looked somehow differently), apologize. Do not let pride get the upper hand, even if you have to apologize for what you did. Your main task – no matter what, to avoid a fight. Stay confident.

Do not show that you are afraid. If talking does not help, then try to leave the scene. Be vigilant, begin to recede, remaining the face of the enemy that can be a cowardly rat and attack you from behind. If you continue to be threatened and there’s nowhere to retreat, then take the correct position. How to take it? Learn from the course on self-defense by Todd Lamb now!

First Strike by Todd Lamb

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