The Flat Belly Code

It is not a secret that everything is interconnected in the human body. Therefore, the task of losing weight is better should be done comprehensively. On the other hand, only a few of us want to maintain a “healthy lifestyle”, to observe the regime of the day and food. After all, it is such a tediousness! A popular slogan of the overwhelming majority – “We live only once!”.

But as a lot of us want to remove the belly and sides, and especially to achieve an actual results rather than periodically torture yourself with diets, miracle supplements, wearing burn fat clothes, fitness facilities, it is necessary to either go until the end, or at least not commit violence over your own body, which doesn’t feel easy already.

Do I need to remove the belly and the sides?

Many men, gaining a certain amount of clearly extra kilos, do not get too upset. Moreover, some believe that until a certain age, they should form a proper belly “for solidity.” They suddenly seize, when there’s so much “solidity” accumulated, that it becomes uncomfortable to sunbathe on the beach. Introduced clumsiness reduces the attractiveness even more and sometimes can lead to laughing from the opposite sex.

Women are more emotional than men to the formation of fat on the stomach and waist and feel more anxiety and restlessness, starting to look for all possible ways of disposal from it.

Especially, due to the physiological characteristics, they are more likely to be overweight and in comparison with men paying a lot of attention to the attractive appearance. Fat sediments around the waist – this is an additional weight that must be moved every day, which means loading the spine and joints of the feet more, “fray” the heart, causing it to pump more blood.

Dangling stomach in front and on the sides – is a self-limiter of our physical and intellectual capacities, from which we need to get rid of like from a ballast attached to the balloon basket. After all, without excess fat, we’ll get less tired, and be able to take seemingly inaccessible intellectual peaks.

You need to think about how to get rid of belly fat also because it collects itself not only outside, but also inside the body. And when it gets too much, the optimal blood supply to organs of the digestive system is violated, which could lead to various diseases. Stagnations become pretty frequent.

The swellings start to form inside the abdominal cavity and in the other parts of the body. Accumulated water increases the weight even more. Obstructed blood flow and tightness of body organs can cause the expansion of internal tissues and the formation of tumors of different nature.

The clumsiness and limitation of movements over the long distances, unpleasantness in the eyes of the opposite sex are the signs of decay and aging of the body. The danger is that these signs and inner convictions that this is the case, in fact, that trigger the body’s relevant programs. It turns out that being overweight makes you feel and look older.

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Why do the side or stomach fat sediments form

As you know, to understand the problem – hence, means to solve half of it. Even if you know how a modern city dweller should eat, as well as give up the habit of overeating, it is not enough to understand how to get rid of the tummy and the resulting fat folds on the sides.

Nerve strain and stress

The need to eat more than it is necessary for a living is often connected not to the physiology, but with nervous, mental or intellectual loads, which we have to endure during the day. Women love sweets. First of all, because the sugar relaxes them, and on a much higher level than any other food. Sweets help to cope with all kinds of experiences, which, due to the increased emotionality, are present in any woman’s life.

On the other hand, sweets – are easily digestible carbohydrates, which we, later on, need to remove from the belly and the sides. Men prefer to relax after stress by consuming alcoholic beverages – beer, vodka, which contain lots of calories.

Alcohol leads as to the point when we need to eat. And, because alcohol stimulates the appetite, you end up eating a lot more. In addition, alcohol dulls sensations, including the taste. And if the stress is removed not at home, where at the appropriate level of life some manage to eat enough quality food, relaxation is complicated by the absorption of a large number of quasi-edible stuff from the nearest shop, which accounts for a snack. The need to get rid of belly fat in the home is caused not only by overeating or poor quality of products.

But also by the release of the hormone cortisol, which is involved in the development of stress reactions and at the same time preserves the body’s energy resources or, in other words, preventing the burning of fat tissue. Therefore, if the tension at work or at home, which is necessary to feel the life fully, doesn’t bring any positive emotions and pleasant feelings, you won’t be able to remove the stomach and sides due to the action of cortisol.

Substandard food

If there’s a wish, everyone will be able to find lots of information about the normal food which a regular Russian citizen consumes. Many imported products are actually prohibited for sale in the “developed” countries. First of all, due to the mismatch of environmental requirements and high level of substances, which deplete the gene and the immune systems.

During the production of the imported meat, animals are often injected with hormones to gain weight faster as well as antibiotics against various diseases. Once in the human body, the growth hormones continue to operate, forcing us to eat more and gain weight rapidly, due to which, sooner or later, we’ll have to remove the resulting fat from the abdomen and the sides. Antibiotics destroy the immune system. So-called transgenic products, which are imported from abroad, are artificially injected with the genes of the plants and animals.

We derive frost-resistant tomatoes, containing the gene ocean flounder. Even the pests do not eat the pests. By genetic changes, the special potatoes were produced, which can destroy the Colorado potato beetle. To increase the yield by several times, the gene units of flax, cotton, onions, rice, corn are altered.

How is the belly formed?

To remove the belly and sides, it is important not to overeat. As they say, you need to leave the dining table with a feeling of hunger, even when your brain and eyes want to eat more. If you regularly ignore this rule, excess food is not only going into fat but also stretches the stomach wall.

That often happens when the everyday busyness and bustle of work permits you to eat only 2-3 times a day. The habit to fill your stomach rarely but completely full causes the brain to think that a full stomach and a feeling of satiety – is the same thing.

To “feel full,” but actually overeat, distended stomach, each time has to be filled even more. As a result, its volume increases. When there’s too much fat inside the abdominal cavity, there is no room left for the stomach itself and it starts to bulge outward. It is forming a belly and folds of fat on the sides, which have to clean up one way or another.

It is not a secret, that in the era of market relations, maximizing the profits, was in the first place. It is absolutely not necessary, that the proposed slimming pills are fake, which is harmful to your health. That, however, happens sometimes. Most of the products really bring some good sides and are worth the money spent, helping to some extent to remove the belly and the sides.

The Flat Belly Code by Drew Hamilton

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