The French Paleo Burn

By | July 12, 2018

Carissa Alinat - The French Paleo Burn ebook review authorFor us, the French diet is a very broad concept: it is a Duke from Montignac, and wine and cheese, and scrawny brunette 42-gauge with quads. In general, solid patterns. In a new book the “French Paleo Burn” by Carissa Alinat, you will discover a unique weight loss technique, originating from France. This method to lose excess weight is very effective and is the best suited for women who have children, but can not bring their figure in order for various reasons. The French eat half portion. The main trick of the French diet is in the amount of servings. For example, breakfast at the usual French style is a baguette with butter and jam, and on weekends – croissants with jam. But none of the Parisian woman would not allow themselves a little more than a croissant at a time! If it’s a baguette for breakfast, it is not half, but an eighth part of it, and with only one teaspoon of jam. Coffee – just espresso.

Sometimes a glass of juice. And yet! The French are crazy about vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are a basic product for all the Mediterranean countries (France, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc.). Climate allows growing well, fast and a lot. Historically – all the people ate them, regardless of their origin, social status, because many are cheap and tasty. And at the moment the same situation: vegetables and fruits ripen in these latitudes well, often and a lot, producers need to sell, so there is a powerful advertising campaign urging to eat them as often as possible. The French do not eat buckwheat. Cereals are not held in high esteem. This is due to the climate and geography. Especially unclear oatmeal and buckwheat. They had not eaten, so they are sold in stores rarely. I wish you as soon as possible to get rid of excess weight!

The French Paleo Burn by Carissa Alinat

The French Paleo Burn by Carissa Alinat





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