Wrap Him Around Your Finger

How to make a man you liked to fall in love with you? I think every woman had asked herself this question at some point. I’d like to tell you about two typical mistakes that we, women, make while trying to ignite the passion in a man’s heart. And prompt, what behavior is right.

Make a man fall in love with you: first mistake

Here he is so dear, so wanted, but not yours. And, the most insulting, he’s actually nobodies. He is looking for some ideal, looking for some unreal woman, who will make his heart melt when he sees her, and realize that she is this only one, great, super-woman in every aspect.

Exactly with her, he will feel like a real man! But there’re no women like this! Well, he just did not understand: perfect women do not exist! And, my dear, if you try to prove it to the man, you will lose him forever. First, he won’t believe you. Second, he will hate you.

Make a man fall in love with you: the essence of the right strategy

Do not destroy his hopes! Instead, feed him a story that you are this ideal woman. Or, even better, come up with the image of the perfect man who should be next to you. And make your man feel that for you he is this only ideal one. Not yours exactly, but generally perfect.

Create an appropriate courageous role, which he’ll want to play! For example, HE is a noble knight! Or, no, he is a reliable defender! Or the unbreakable rock! Well, why should I suggest to you? Girls, turn on your creativity if you want to attract him.

Make him feel like a hero, and he will fall in love. Maybe not in you exactly, but, at least, in the image you created. And, as this wonderful image will not separate from you, he will follow you after all. And will support you and care about you. And what is it then, if not love?

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Make a man fall in love with you: what to look for in the performance

Firstly, it is very important that you yourself like a lot his role. Especially, when it comes to the man you love. Sincere admiration and shining in your eyes will be the sweetest bait for your beloved one.

Secondly, you cannot impose the created role too actively. When you meet him (as if accidentally), tell him how big of her he is and talk a bit about other men being not so wonderful as him. And then, remind him how you imagine him a couple of more times. And exhale, as if being sad a bit.

Thirdly, if a man does not want to play the role that you come up with. Try to explain it in slightly different words. And if it won’t work after a couple of months – take a closer look, in general, whether it’s your only one man. And whether he is worth your sighs?

Make a man fall in love with you: second mistake

You dream about him. And every day you discover one more of his features! He was so kind, helpful to you (in your dreams), always will come to help you (in dreams), he always listens to you and understands you (in your dreams!). Girls! When dreaming, remember where you are and where he is! In reality, he is not like you imagined him. Or almost like this, but not with you! At least for now not with you.

Cry about it a bit and keep reading. No need to throw your arms around him when you meet him and complain about how you felt bad all day, how many duties you had and all other concerns. Yeah, in your dreams you can imagine how he would gladly rush to solve all your problems. But, in real life, he himself has a lot of worries and he doesn’t care much about yours.

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