The X-Factor Diet System

Let’s take a minute to get real about “healthy” eating. The other day I was listening to some TEDx talks about nutrition and the obesity crisis in various countries. This particular speaker was talking about the obesity crisis in Australia. Dr. Joanna McMillan and her “Eat for real Change” TEDx Talk was eye-opening. Her take on processed food had me taking a look at my “healthy” food. Just because some food scientists declared the product they made was healthy, doesn’t mean it is. Remember “trans fats”?

Processed foods come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors. Health bars, protein shakes, healthy cookies, health shakes, and the list goes on. While we’re here let’s go ahead and talk about speed shakes/drinks. Perfectly normal people turn into speed addicts. I don’t know what is in those drinks but the people change tremendously. Sure they lose weight, have amazing energy and some other body changes that must be produced from some kind of hormones. And now…it’s allergy season so now it also reduces allergies.

I’m thinking to myself. “Hmmm must be some kind of hormone/methamphetamine chemical concoction. People lose weight like those taking meth and have the energy spikes or maybe it’s just the hype that gets everyone excited. Regardless, it’s still processed food. Constantly drinking chemicals that we really don’t know what is in them, it’s really not that different than drinking soda pop. We really don’t know what is in that either. lol.

Eating REAL food is something that is becoming trendy again. Losing the chemical concoctions and snacking on food that is closer to its natural state. I think if we eat more fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, nuts, seeds, eggs, milk, butter, and legumes our lives might become healthier faster.

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Leslie Christensen says:

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The X-Factor Diet System by John Lonergan

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