Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

Bearded dragons live in Australia; they are the most popular type of pet reptiles, most likely because they are very kind and easy to take care of. By downloading Chris Johnson’s guide, you will get the best guide in taking care of your bearded dragon. Okay guys, read some useful advice below.

Bearded dragons have special needs, that is why you should prepare in advance. While reading this guide, you will understand if this animal suits you and if you have everything necessary for it to appear in your house.

Keep in mind that even though bearded dragons are considered to be very good pets, they are not suitable for children. They need to be taken care of carefully (for example, setting a certain temperature in the terrarium and regular replacement of the lamps). Choose a lizard that is longer than 15 cm.

Small dragons are vulnerable and are exposed to illnesses and stress. It is much simpler to take care of a mature reptile. Bearded dragons do not get vaccinated. Big lizards can act aggressively towards the small ones; males protect their territory. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to determine the lizard’s sex at a young age, so there is a possibility that you will not know at once if you have a male or a female. Make sure that the size of the dwelling is suitable for the lizard. Bearded dragons can grow to be longer than 61 cm and move quickly.

They like to climb the branches and adore large spaces, that is why they require much room. A 1 m long and 60 cm wide terrarium will be suitable for small dragons, but it will only be enough for a few months since they grow rapidly.

Mature reptiles need much more space, not less than 1 m 20 cm in length, better 2 m. If you make a terrarium yourself, it should be more than 120 cm long, 80 cm wide, and 60 cm high. In order to save up some money, it is better to buy a big terrarium for a mature lizard at once. In order to get more detailed information on taking care of bearded dragons, download Chris’s manual to your PC or iPad. Thanks for your attention!

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual by Chris Johnson

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