The Getting Pregnant Plan

Both men and women encounter the problem of infertility at about the same fluctuation. When a woman can not get pregnant in this case, the examination of the doctor must be completed by both spouses. You might have to worry about infertility when the pregnancy didn’t occur after a year of being not protected.

The Getting Pregnant Plan by Michelle Adams presents a technique that helps to overcome infertility both in women and men. Accurately following the plan presented in this e-book, your chances of a long-awaited pregnancy will be much higher already in two months. There are published materials that say that infertility is not an ailment and there is no such diagnosis. But still, medicine says that infertility is a disease that can be cured.

Stages of infertility

  • primary infertility, a stage when an individual can not conceive a child at all;
  • secondary infertility, the stage when pregnancy was present earlier, but now is not possible.

Among individuals who have problems with conception, primary infertility occurs in 60% of patients, while secondary infertility – in 40%. The source of primary infertility is infections resulting from sexual intercourse, damage to the hormonal function, disease of the uterus and fallopian tubes. The source of secondary infertility is abortion at an early age and gynecological problems.

The reasons for infertility include

To begin with, a woman must pass an analysis to check the hormonal background, because the process of ovulation and pregnancy is certified by hormones. Assuming that the individual infertility is being done (indirect MAP test and latex agglutination test). When the results are ready, the doctor will determine the source of infertility: cyst, adhesions, fibroids or abnormal build of the pelvic organs, which affect fertilization. The study on hormones is just an addition, to determine the diagnosis.

Psychological infertility

This type of infertility has no connection with the disease of the individual. A woman can not become pregnant on the basis of a psychological nature. Psychologists can give such a diagnosis to every person who has a desire but does not get it done and become pregnant. The problem is psychological frustration.

How to get rid of psychological infertility, in the event that the individual plunged into this topic entirely and got depressed at the same time? You’ll get help treatment of two specialists, a psychologist, and a gynecologist. A psychologist will help identify the problem and teach you how to overcome stress. But still, more often the motive for infertility is gynecological ailments.

Signs and symptoms of infertility

The symptom of infertility is the lack of conception of the child without being protected. To answer the question of how infertility is expressed, it is almost impossible to answer, since signs are often absent. Previously experienced diseases can also be the cause of infertility. Even during puberty, young girls can already determine whether there are prerequisites for infertility due to such factors:

  • lack of weight;
  • late menstrual cycle;
  • a long duration of menstruation;
  • irregular menstruation;

How to get rid of infertility

Since we have considered a large number of causes of infertility, there is no one medicine for infertility. For each reason should be your treatment. As you understand, the cost of treatment will be expensive. For those who do not have enough funds to treat infertility, you can try to follow the recommendations from the book that Michelle Adams wrote. I’m sure that you will succeed.

Do not despair and give up. Remember, luck favors the strong. By the way, friends, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the birth of a child will bring great changes in your way of life. You will have to forget about yourself for a long time. Parents of the child must sacrifice much if they want their newborn son or daughter to grow up to be a good person. If you are ready to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of the child, then you will necessarily succeed.

The Getting Pregnant Plan by Michelle Adams

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