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Meetyoursweet - expert dating and relationships advice for men and women. Download books now!

Meet Your Sweet books download in PDF format. Before you download the books by Meet Your Sweet, I would like to give some advice for dating online:

– Do not exaggerates information about yourself, so that when you will meet the person in real you will not disappoint a person, and avoid the question in his eyes  “Where is this beauty full of energy and life, with whom I was chatting?”. Honestly and in detail (within reasonable limits ) fill in the form “About me”, and don’t miss the column about your height . Specify some information about your appearance  (at least in general), your interests and preferences. This will help you to avoid many unnecessary questions and find common themes and interests easily.

– Do not make a very long list of demands to the person of your future chose in dreary-serious tone. Remember that nobody is perfect, and you as well.  Three higher educations with sports category and knowledge of four languages will not make you to fall in love. And it is pretty stupid for you to decline men for his color of eyes and hair … Who knows what life prepared for you? Do not be boring either pragmatic or  romantic dreamer, in general terms specify what things you like more in people and what are your purposes.

– In addition do not forget to attach one or two of your photos (for example, portrait photo and full-length). Psychologically, it is more pleasant to chat with someone, knowing his face, especially if you like the chatting. Select nice photos not the perfect job in Photoshop, giving the photo where you do not recognize yourself.

– Do not use a template message. Even if you don’t have a lot of free time will not be an excuse if you are sending the same message to all candidates. You hope that your potential prince will not do it, so why his fiancee have? Use a personal approach, show originality in getting acquainted better with fewer words, but let them be your own and unique. Chances to stand out from the crowd will immediately increase.

– Do not be too impertinent! Do not send to your new friend million messages, it is a risk that man will soon get bored, or just will be scared of the pressure. Don’t be rush in sending messages, don’t divide one sentence into several messages and simply give him time to think over your questions / answers.

– Chatting online there is no physical contact between people, so men and women are a bit more relaxed than in real life. But do not forget about some of the rules of decency. This includes not only the control of the lexicon, but also careless habit of some girls to give  too much personal information about herself at first day. You’ve never seen each other- it is not a good idea to tell when you had the last sex and how many partners you have changed? The moral standards should take place, and it have to be the pleasant conversation but not the examination of the witnesses.

By the way , visit the website Meet Your Sweet, where you will find books both for women and men. Below you will find the complete list. Meetyoursweet for Men:

  • Conversation Chemistry
  • Supreme Self-Confidence
  • 2nd Chance
  • Connect and Commit
  • Fireworks with Females
  • Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series
  • Relationship Recovery

Meetyoursweet for Women:

  • Why Men Pull Away
  • Conversation Chemistry
  • Supreme Self-Confidence
  • 2nd Chance
  • Connect and Commit
  • Get a Guy Guide
  • Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series
  • Relationship Recovery

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