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You already can confidently demonstrate your six-packs? Why? Oh, they are not ready yet? Do not lie to yourself! They will never be ready! You constantly say to yourself: “All I need – it’s another week of training,” or “I just have bad abs.” Yes, the reason could be that there are 5 main factors for developing abs, which you have not considered yet. By the way, be sure to download Bruce Krahn’s training program. I haven’t seen yet a better system for pumping the press.

Genetic factor

Who would what, but genetics is a major factor. Yes, it is a key, but not a limiting factor. Even at birth, the shape of the abdominal muscles is determined so that you work with it. You can not change the shape of the press and show it more by only making exercises on the press. We need to lose a little fat. And this is the next factor.

Fat Factor

Along with genetics, it is one of the most important factors. You must reduce the level of fat to show up your abs. You can do all the exercises in the world, choose the right type and amount of training, but if you do not reduce the level of fat, your dreams about 6 dice press will remain dreams.

Some sufficient decrease in the level of fat by 10-11% and the six-pack is already visible. While some have to work and reduce the level by 7-8%. All this is due to genetics and does not depend on your efforts. To reduce the fat level alone training is not enough. An important role in this plays proper nutrition.

Power Factor

You can not overcome poor nutrition by just training. You can not eat a hamburger or cheeseburger and say that later will burn it in a gym. It does not work this way. No need to fight malnutrition through training. Your goal is to show your abs, not to train, and to remain in the same form as now.

If you want to show the perfected 6 dice press, you must also maintain water balance. “What has water to do with abs?!” you ask! If the body doesn’t have enough water, it will hold it, and store it in a single accessible place – under the skin. And this is the excess fat! Also, drinking water significantly speeds up the metabolism. All in all, it contributes to the manifestation of your press.

Exercises Factor

Surprised to see the factor of exercise is almost at the end of the list? Yes, this is an obvious factor in the development of the abs, but not the most important. The main mistake during training on abdominals is the choice of not effective programs and exercises.

You need to train with weights. And exercise with weights must load the entire body, with emphasis on the back, chest and lower body. The aim is to increase metabolism and creating the reburning effect, which burns fat after training as well as during it.

Factor Cardio

Very often, people are engaged in the wrong mode. They perform exercises that take a lot of time and burn muscle in the process. It also plays its role low intensity of cardio training. So, go for a walk or jog. To speed up the fat loss, you need to take into account not the duration but intensity of cardio workouts.

I am sure that now you know where to go if you need six-packs. Download this book on your tablet and within a month you won’t recognize your abs!

See Your Abs by Bruce Krahn

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