Triggering Sexual Chemistry

Humans are made to be in male and female and while It is so easy to differentiate between the two sexes due to very evident physical attributes which they possess, the difference between them goes beyond the physical into the deep emotional, psychological and behavioral attributes.

One of the few ways we notice the deep varying emotional and behavioral attributes is through both reactions to amorous and dating relationships. Females are generally believed to be attracted by words they hear while males are attracted by what they see.

Moreover, the facts are well known and have been spread for ages past but many guys still find it very difficult to have a sexual relationship with females. One would have taught that being a gender with a strong affection for words, ladies and lots of them will queue behind any guy that talks to them lovingly.

This is very much like what most guys thought but they still get friend-zoned and get frustrated. Many guys even blame their failure to get any girl to bed on the very complex nature of women and their inconsistencies. They have grown to believe that no one has a working theory about how ladies act or behave and so getting a girl to bed you are probably being lucky.

However, all these are lies and very untrue. Ladies are truly made to love words and are attracted by them but many and even so many guys do not know which line of conversation must be used to make a lady fall in love with them. Footballers kick balls around a pitch but it’s not just about kicking a ball that makes them a good football player.

You must learn when to kick it high or kick it low and making an expert of these makes you a real player. Same way for any guy that wants to have ladies and cute girls accept every of their sexual demand must master the art of triggering a sexual cord of the female folks.

If you as a guy seek to learn that art and be on top of your game with bedding whichever lady you lust after, then you need to read the Triggering Sexual Chemistry eBook as a guide. Getting girls to your bed and having romantic relationships with many of them are based on knowing what turns them on.

There is a science that explains how ladies can be triggered sexually by a guy through logic, language and words, behavior, vision and muscle control. You must learn these before you become a master of the game. Many people sell these kinds of information online or even offline but most writers do not even have practical knowledge of what they are teaching.

Triggering Sexual Chemistry by Anthony King

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