30 Day Sharp Shooter

Do you want to shoot with the same accuracy as a CIA officer who’s gotten the very best training? If so, you should know that the 30 Day Sharp Shooter Program is the secret of developing your shooting skills in no time flat. This downloadable program is an ebook, so you’ll be able to enjoy it right on your computer as soon as you order it. It’s been written by former CIA officer, Jason Hanson.

This Program Really Works

In the book, Hansen, who’s written for Combat Handguns Magazine, in addition to his other accomplishments, will walk you through the process of refining your shooting skills. He’ll show you exactly how to build your confidence in your shooting ability…then, he’ll give you access to elite techniques that CIA officers always utilize in order to shoot with extreme accuracy. CIA officers need to be sharpshooters. There are always times when their lives are on the line.

Hanson has been in life or death situations. He’s survived because he’s a sharpshooter. Now, he wants to make sure that you have the same degree of shooting finesse. He knows that you may someday be in a life or death situation, too.

Perfect for “preppers”, survivalists and others who have an interest in shooting, this guide is appropriate for all skill levels. It’s also very well-written, so you’ll find it simple to understand.

Treat Yourself to Quality and Experience

There may be other shooting guides out there online. However, few (if any) others are written by former CIA officers who are bona fide sharpshooters. The author of this guide has tons of credibility. Now, he wants to help others protect themselves from a host of modern threats.

The world is unstable. Anything can happen. When you become a sharpshooter, you’ll dramatically boost your chances of survival, no matter what’s happening.

30 Day Sharp Shooter by Jason Hanson

30 Day Sharp Shooter book cover
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