3 Week Fat Blast Diet

So it’s been awhile again. I’ve had a busy few days with errands and relatives and parties and just life in general. I’ve been really depressed about my dieting, too, which I think has also made it hard to sit down and write something. One of the few things–well, the only thing, probably, that annoys me about the… Read More »

Stroke by Stroke

It happened last week. I was lying on the couch just relaxing after an afternoon of barbecue, beer and baseball. My eyes were closed, but I wasn’t asleep nor was I drunk…but there were a few empties I’d brought inside with me mimicking my position on the floor. Of course I heard the door. Of course I heard… Read More »

Power Out Prepper

It’s hard to imagine a human’s life without any energy. We all got used to use fossil fuel, such as coal, gas and oil, as a source of energy. However, their reserves in nature, as it’s known, are limited. And, sooner or later the day when they run out will come. The question “what to do before the… Read More »

Body Transformation Blueprint

The physical transformation is a long and hard process, in the sense that this progress is not always constant. Instead of progressing in a linear way, muscles grow periodically, in splashes. Unfortunately, these bursts are usually interspersed with long brakes in growing. You often hear about guys who can not gain muscle mass, despite of all their efforts.… Read More »

Ex Back Goddess

Hello dear, It’s been a long time since I didn’t write you anything. I want to tell you that I’m okay and everything is okay. I’m so happy with my life now and I’m truly grateful of it more than ever. But I want you to know that everything seems to be change time by time and I… Read More »

Defeating Diabetes Kit

Prevention of diabetes you must begin as early as possible. An adult must monitor conditions and his diet. Children must be under strict supervision of their parents in this regard. It is possible to cure diabetes completely, but in any case the treatment will be long. That’s why there is a sense to think about the comprehensive measures… Read More »

Mend the Marriage

As the classic said, every family is unhappy in its own way. And yet sociologists have managed to compile records of the surveys and to identify the main causes of divorces and motives that are some different from them, or social reasons for termination of marriage. The majority of surveyed couples admitted that there were other, more specific… Read More »