Awakened Source

Different people understand wealth differently. For anyone in the business world that word can mean a net profit of $ 50 million. For a person who is focused on more spiritual aspects of life, it may mean achieving peace of mind and deep faith in the existence and power of the spiritual world. Most people aspire to some… Read More »

Hook Your Ex System

So this is just a bit of a rant, but I’m feeling it. Sorry. Sometimes you just need a bit of a waffle and a moan. It’s all a little bit tongue and cheek and comes across slightly preachy but try it out anyway! You may get some good songs out of it. This is 100% guaranteed to… Read More »

Muscle Imbalances Revealed

The question of the day is: “How can you continue to motivate yourself even when you have the urge to give up or cheat on your diet plan?”. Here are a couple things you need to really think about. Why are you dieting? Is it because you love yourself and want to see yourself be healthier, feel better,… Read More »

My Boat Plans

Many years ago all shores of rivers and ponds were full of wooden boats of various models and constructions. Rubber boats also existed, but they were not really popular and people were using them during many years, making one repair after another. One could also find incredibly rare duraluminium devices, which were produced in really small quantities. But… Read More »

The 67 Steps

Have you ever thought why one person is working like a mule all day long and gets nothing, while another one is working freely and happy, getting 100 or even 1000 times better results? One may say that he or she is different and it’s impossible to reach such high results. But why did that person decide like… Read More »

37 No BS Ways To Attractively Not Give a F**k

Why do girls love so-called “bad guys”? It’s pretty hard to say when this trend appeared, but now it’s very popular thing: good girls are falling in love with bad guys. I don’t care about this like any other girl, but I am sure that many good guys are really tired with this situation. That’s why I wrote… Read More »

67 Ways To Make Her Come

How to lead a girl to an orgasm? Many men are doing the very same mistakes, while trying to find the correct answer for this question. One of the most common mistakes is their haste. Women can’t get real satisfaction without the foreplay, that’s their nature. A really small amount of women can reach the peak without soft… Read More »